Manitari reservation:
  • RSVP: 2310 415289
  • 57 Th. Sofouli Street (Sofouli Center), Kalamaria, Thessaloniki


classic choices

Ceasar's salad served with roasted chicken, parmesan sauce and slightly baked croutons

Fried feta cheese in a crispy pastry served with a sauce of honey and sesame

Salad with variety of tomatoes and feta cheese hummus, olive rusks from Kithira, sea fennel from Chalkidiki spring onion sauce

Saute mushrooms in olive oil, cooked with Spartan honey and scented with garlic

Potatoes served with fresh sauce made from strained yogurt, lemon and paprika

Pork hock slowly-cooked for 6 hours with sauce made from the same broth, served with home made potato puree

Beef steak milk with roasted vegetables

Burger 100% beef, brioche bread, roasted onion and tomato, bacon, fried potatoes and feta hummus


"The mushroom" salad made with poached figs, marinated mushrooms and vinaigrette from white balsamic

“Mesclan” salad with sundried figs, mushrooms on the oven and sauce from Spartan honey

Salad with tender leaves and caramelized onion, roast beetroot, cheese from Naxos “Graviera” and sauce with vinegar and rosemary

Salad like "spinach pie" with spinach and wild rocket, green onion, crisp leaves with olive oil and vinaigrette draft slice of feta with sesame

Tabouli salad with organic quinoa, grilled halloumi cheese and asparagus, sundried tomato and mint vinaigrette

Winter salad with feta hummus, crispy tortilla, sesame and citrus vinaigrette


Roasted cheese (Mastihotiri) with figs puree and hazelnut praline

Local pie from Mani with olive oil dough stuffed with congruent, greensand feta crem with tahini

Roasted vegetables on the oven “briam” with capers and fried egg

Croquettes of aged cheese with beets and orange cream

Gnocchi potatoes with smoked cheese from Metsovo and broccoli

Sour custard-pie with smoked apaki cheese from Crete and yellow cheese

Feta cheese fritters with mint and handmade pomegranate jam

Ceasar’s salad with roasted chicken, parmesan sauce and slightly baked croutons

Different “pastitsio” with fresh cannelloni, minced beef with mushroom confit and velvet truffle bechamel

pasta & rice

Risotto served with wild mushrooms and scented truffle oil

Kritharoto (burley) with salami from Lefkada, cream of nasted beetroot, goat cheese and orange

Pappardelle with slowly-cooked ragout beef in red wine, varity of mushrooms and fresh thyme

Traditional pasta (chilopites) with bolognese from sausage Goumagiasand ragout mushrooms, dry crem cheese and thyme

Fresh pasta (sioufihta) with chicken, asparagus and sundried tomato cream

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms from Grevena fresh thym and white wine

main dishes

Chicken drumsteaks with spicy mustard, rum and black sugar, fried pumpkin with paprika and yogurt sauce

Beef filet with sauce from Samos wine and thyme, potato gnocchi with nutmeg and truffle pesto

Pancetta (pork meat) slowly baked with orange, honey and anise, red pumpkin pickle and puree of sweet potatoes with green lemon

Slowly roasted rïïster chest in 65oc, artichokes cream and fennelspie stuffing

Beef cheeks “Omega-3 Farms” in hull with potatoes puree and roasted asparagus

Pork fillet cooked in a frying-pan with sauce from Dijon mustard, honey and home made potato puree

Pork steak 350gr. prebaked for 24 hours in molasses and soy, selery puree and ograden potatoes

Chicken in wild mushroom sauce, truffle oil and crème, served with home made potato puree

Grilles salmon, prebaked with olive oil and lime, puree from roasted beetroot, steamed greens and citrus sauce