Manitari reservation:
  • RSVP: 2310 415289
  • 57 Th. Sofouli Street (Sofouli Center), Kalamaria, Thessaloniki


classic choices

’’ To Manitari ’’ salad with tender leaves, sun-dried figs, oven roasted mushrooms and white balsamic sauce

Ceasar salad with roasted chicken, parmesan sauce
and croutons

Salad with a variety of tomatoes and hummus made with feta cheese, olive rusks from Kithira, sea fennel from Chalkidiki and spring onion sauce

Tant ’’galaktoboureko ’’ rolls stuffed with smoked pork ( apaki ) from Crete
cheese and fluffy yoghurt with smoked paprika

Aged gruyere cheese croquettes, variety of red beetroots and orange cream

Juicy burgers with smoked aubergine cream, roasted flatbread
and spicy yoghurt

Fried cheese puffs, made with feta cheese, thyme —honey and pesto from roasted walnuts with cinnamon

Slow cooked pork hock ( 6 hours ) served with sauce made from its broth
and home made potato puree

400gr veal steak served with roasted vegetables on the oven

100% beef burger on brioche bread, with roasted onion and tomato,
bacon, feta cheese cream and fresh fried potatoes


Salad with buffalo mozzarella, a variety of tomatoes,
basil vinaigrette and sea fennel from Chalkidiki

Mesclun salad with pastrami, pickled onion
and croutons made from koulouri Thessalonikis ( a regional type of bagel ), sundried tomatoes, dry cottage cheese and vinaigrette from spicy Dijon mustard

Salad with spinach and roasted red beets, sweet-sour strawberries,
smoked pork ( lountza ) from Tinos island, mature gruyere from Crete
and vinaigrette from black vinegar and red berries

Tricolor quinoa and vegetable salad with cranberries
and sweet mint olive-lemon sauce, roasted avocado,
grapefruit marmelade cheese mouse

Salad with spinach and rocket, fried feta cheese in crispy pastry, roasted sesame, and vinaigrette with honey, soya and balsamic

Wild rocket salad, dried apricots, prosciutto di Parma, cheese from Naxos
and sundried tomatoes, cashew nuts and a lemon and truffle oil vinaigrette


Fava (split peas) from Santorini, poached egg with panko rind,
Prosciutto di Parma, roasted asparagus and black truffle

Gnocchi served with smoked cheese from the Metsovo region and broccoli

‘’Pastichio’’ lumaconi rigati pasta, stuffed with minced mushrooms, sweet breads and fluffy bechamel sauce

Tartar of beef, egg cream, roasted bread and truffle mayonnaise

Crispy dumplings stuffed with oxtail in tomato sauce,
smoked mousse ’’ tzatziki ’’, pickled onion and fragrant olive oil

Cheese cake with chevre goat cheese, carob rusk, sweet-sour beetroots and orange cream

The bao buns of Thess Bao, with crispy shrimps, spread avocado, cannabis oil, vegetables and spicy mayonnaise8,60€
Crispy dumplings stuffed with oxtail in tomato sauce,
smoked mousse ’’ tzatziki ’’, pickled onion and fragrant olive oil

Traditional pie from Manis regional unit, with greens, smoked chicken
and mastic cheese from Andros

Roasted king oyster mushrooms with olive oil and herbs, chanterelles mushroom cream, saganaki cheese and black vinegar marmalade

French fries, gremolata, mizithra cream and a fried bio egg

pasta & rice

Risotto with porccini mushrooms from Halkidiki and truffle oil

Risotto ’’ Lahanodolmas ’’ with buffalo mince, herbs,
egg and lemon soup (avgolemono )
with broth of cabbage and bergamot

Pasta “ cavatappi “ with oxtail cooked in tomato sauce, a variety of mushrooms and a warm gruyere foam from the island of Naxos

’’ Sioufihta’’ pasta with chicken, cooked with pumpkin cream and sage, smoked paprika and a creamy cheese ’’ anevato’’

Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms from the Grevena region, cream,
white wine and thyme

Pappardelle with beef ragout and porccini mushrooms

Fresh ravioli, filled with Burrata, chanterelles mushroom cream,
guanciale and bluck truffle’s butter

main dishes

Chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto di Parma and basil, puree
from roasted cauliflower with gruyere, currant caper cream
and sauce from sweet -sour vinegar

Chicken drumsticks served with a spicy mustard, rum and black sugar,
fried pumpkin with paprika and yoghurt sauce

Beef filet served with a sauce made from Samos wine,
Gnocchi and truffle pesto
( can be accompanied with fresh black )

Fresh sea bass, sautéed, kale fricassee,
puree from parsley roots and ’’kakavia’’ sauce ( fish broth )
with bergamot

Orzo pasta, with roasted lamb, smoked aubergine cream, porcini mushrooms and dried cheese

Beef cheeks in hull with potatoes puree
and roasted asparagus

Pork fillet roasted with maple syrup, carrot puree, pickled fennel root fennelroot with sunflower seeds, roasted carrots and sugary sauce

350gr pork steak, slowcooked ( 24 hours ) in molasses and soy, served with
celery puree and potatoes au Gratin

Chicken breast with a sunflower seed crust, spicy sweetpotato hummus
with chily pepper, roasted mushrooms with soya sauce and parmesan,
a pickled mustard sauce and truffle oil

Grilled salmon, with olive oil and lime, served with
puree from roasted beetroot, steamed greens and citrus fruit

Fresh Aegean cod, served with hazelnut rind,
couscous from buffalo milk, pickled mussels and spicy mustard



gluten free